Sikorsky S92


The Sikorsky S92 is one of the largest helicopters available for private charter in the UK. It seats up to 16 passengers in executive configuration and is approved to fly in almost all weather conditions and at night.

It’s been a firm favourite of the major energy companies since they began exploring further offshore and is renowned for its durability and safety, and has been chosen to compliment the UK Coastguard’s search and rescue helicopter fleet. Features like bird strike capabilities, engine safety containment, gearbox enhancements and exceptional flaw tolerance led the Federal Aviation Administration to label the S92 as the “safest helicopter in the world”.

The S92 is capable of flying from The London Heliport at Battersea, and can be a more cost-effective solution for larger groups who would otherwise need to hire more than one helicopter. Despite its size, the aircraft doesn’t compromise on speed or endurance. With a maximum range of 625 miles and a top speed of 160 miles per hour, you can be confident that your party will enjoy a quick and pleasant journey