Airbus Helicopters H155


Formerly known as the EC155, the H155 is a twin-engined, mid-sized helicopter developed by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter). It was created with the aim of massively increasing the cabin of the firm’s earlier Dauphin model, famous for its distinctive rear dorsal fin design.

It’s typically used by emergency services, as well as light transport and as offshore support for the oil and gas industry. Some types can fit up to 13 passengers plus crew.

Modified to VIP standards to provide exceptional comfort for six passengers, with plenty of room for luggage, it is one of the most spacious in our range. The tail rotor has been designed to reduce the sound signature and vibration levels significantly, with quality interior fittings adding to the luxury feel.

With a range of up to 530 miles, this is a great choice for long journeys. And travelling at up to 170 miles per hour means you’ll arrive in style in no time at all.