Airbus Helicopters H135


One of Airbus Helicopters’ most successful aircraft, the H135 (formerly known as the EC135) has excellent passenger comfort, low sound levels and wide versatility.

This twin-engine helicopter can perform many different missions including VIP transportation, law enforcement, and aerial survey work. They are trusted by air ambulance services all over the globe and it’s believed 25% of the world’s emergency medic flights are in H135s, including 50% of the UK’s total.

Today well over 1000 twin-engine H135s have been delivered and are in service in more than 50 countries. Together these versatile§ aircraft have flown more than 3.25 million hours.

It remains the industry’s best-selling twin-engine helicopter and is celebrated for its reliability with one owned by the UK police being the first anywhere to rack up a massive 10,000 flying hours.

This is one of our most popular helicopters for taking larger numbers of people. Six passengers can comfortably fit in one of these aircraft and it has a top cruising speed of 155 miles per hour.