Airbus Helicopters AS355


The AS355 ‘Twin Squirrel’ is a helicopter of choice for charter clients around the globe. Since its first flight in 1979, the AS355 has developed through several variants to become one of the most comfortable and cost-effective aircraft around.

Helicopter companies worldwide rely on the AS355 to perform a range of tasks including VIP charter, sightseeing, aerial photography, load lifting, aerial surveys, pilot training and more.

Boasting the aviation and technical prowess of Airbus, the twin engines enable the aircraft to operate into confined landing areas, and to fly in most weather conditions, including at night.

This gives the aircraft the ability to fly anywhere that has a suitable landing site and is one of the reasons why the AS355 is trusted by helicopter operators across the globe.

Arrive at the races in style or whisk away clients to a function. You’ll cruise at 150 miles per hour with space for five passengers.