Airbus Helicopters AS350


The AS350 ‘Squirrel’ conducted its first flight in 1974 and continues to be one of the most widely used helicopters by private operators, governmental agencies and militaries worldwide.

It was originally produced by French firm Aérospatiale, which is now owned by the helicopter division of Airbus, the European aerospace and defence corporation giant.

The aircraft’s powerful engine, multi-role cabin and forward-facing seats enable the AS350 to be utilised for VIP charter flights, sightseeing, aerial filming and photography, load lifting, air ambulance and pilot training, amongst other roles.

Its rotor head is renowned for its high-altitude performance – including setting a world record for landing on the summit of Mount Everest in 2005.

Built to extremely stringent specifications, with a focus on minimising noise, means in-cabin sound levels are so low that passengers can converse with each other easily. The aircraft can also be quickly started up and shut down saving more time on landing, and keeping engine noise to a minimum.

The London Helicopter owns and operates two AS350s which can each seat up to six passengers.